About Me

My enthusiasms converge at the intersection of technology, politics and education – all I have been involved in over the years is in some sense a reflection and/or an exploration of this.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, I've lived in Melbourne for several years as well as brief stints in Singapore and Berlin. I currently live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I mainly make a living by helping to organise people’s thoughts. This often looks like writing, teaching, project management or a variety of other hands-on relationship roles.

I like to understand and tinker with the ideas that prop up the world and keep it ticking over, and I agonise about what happens when something goes boink.

I am keenly attentive to matters of power, legitimacy and both the nature of and contest over public spaces and things. As a result, I fear I may be too honest ever to make a good politician, too imaginative to make a good journalist and too curious to make a good academic. So mostly I tread my own path, seeing as everyone else's is already taken. 

Most of all, I love the world. Somebody has to.