Stuff I'm Doing

Platypuzzler Game

Games are models of experiences. I'm hugely excited by the possibilities of 'serious games' for creating imaginative experiences that connect technology, education and society.

Platypuzzler is my first attempt at making a video game. I am working on it as part of my Game Design and Development course through Michigan State Uni.

In Platypuzzler, a platypus is swept away in a storm drain during a large thunderstorm and becomes lost. The player, in the role of a spirit guide, has to help the platypus home through a variety of beautiful river system environments, but the platypus cannot be controlled directly. Instead, the player will have to manipulate the surroundings to influence the behaviour of the platypus while learning to work with and around the animal’s natural inquisitiveness.

My goal is to produce a playable proof-of-concept. If it goes well, I'll explore options for developing it further.


'Two coffee public' Podcast

My friend Steve and I try to make sense of the world around us by talking about 'public things' (i.e. a thing that people care about and often contest the best way to think about it or act towards it). Each episode one of us introduces a public thing and we riff on it for around the time it takes to drink two coffees.

This is an idea I've wanted to do for a while. Talking about my ideas in public and on the spot makes me uncomfortable – I prefer to think and prepare a response – but often the best insights come from ordinary conversation between people who are engaged on a topic, so I'd like to get better at being more open and fluent.

It's early days and we're still figuring out the best structure, level of preparation, audio settings and kinds of topics etc etc. We'll get better at it, I'm sure.