Stuff I Plan to Do


I plan to begin studying an MBA in 2017, both to consolidate the skills I use in my professional career and also as preparation for an eventual return to running my own business. After exploring my study options, I've settled on doing this through the University of Illinois via the Coursera platform, with which I have had good experiences previously.


Animal BOOK

I am an animal lover and lifelong vegetarian who thinks that non-human animals are deserving of the same basic respect and right to exist as humans. To me this seems an obvious and uncomplicated thought, but I readily acknowledge it is an idea whose time has not yet come, in no small part because it is a difficult thought within a tradition of ideas in which humanity has convinced itself that it is somehow separate from and 'above' nature. For people who think seriously about these things, the main debate between animal welfare and animal rights frames the issue either in utilitarian or deontic terms, respectively. Neither approach is satisfactory, in my view – a different kind of thinking is called for.

In this highly produced keepsake book, a series of short reflective thoughts accompanied by striking artistic illustrations will attempt to suggest and tease out a powerful and irresistible conception of non-human animals worthy of respect as persons to be engaged with on their own terms.