Platypuzzler v0.22

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 3.28.08 pm.png

Well, here it is, finally – the first playable proof-of-concept for my game, Platypuzzler. The best way to explain the concept is to show it, so here we are.

The download below is a .zip which includes builds for PC, Mac and web, and a copy of the game design document which explains what is supposed to be happening.

I should make clear this is a very early alpha build:

  • Core game systems logic is fully implemented (i.e. energy, air, attention and trust systems)
  • Objects are procedurally generated
  • Basic dynamic lighting implemented
  • Basic dynamic water effects
  • Simple platypus animations
  • It's possible to win by getting to the end of the level before it goes dark
  • It's possible to lose by running out of energy or failing to get to the end before it goes dark
  • Very simple placeholder graphics for all game objects except Platypus
  • No game instructions or tutorial
  • No sound

The placeholder graphics help to give an idea what is going on in the game, but they are not in the visual style or setting of the game (this is mostly to annoy us into making it better!).

There are no instructions, so you'll have to refer to the game design document to understand what's happening. Basically, you can control Platypus during the 'green' phase and he will do his own thing during the 'orange' phase. You need to help guide him to the end of the level before it goes dark, and make sure he doesn't run out of food or air. You can interact with the surrounding objects to help gain his trust, get his attention or pique his interest. You can also give him a tickle sometimes if you want, but he doesn't like too much of that.

A big shout out to Ivan, whose patience and programming skills continue to help me bring to life a screwball idea I have in my head. By the time we are finished, this will be as much his game as mine and it's great to have someone to work with on this. And thanks to Cataldo for the platypus art and animation. The next build will have some proper credits!

Now that we've got a solid foundation, we'll continue to work on playtesting, implementing features and polish. I'll post more builds and updates as we go, with the aim of having something fairly polished by the end of the year. For now, I just wanted to share where things are at and give you a chance to have a little play with what we've got so far. Hope you have fun with it!