End of Year Reflections

An agenda for 2019

If 2018 was about reconnecting with what makes me tick in new, changed circumstances, I’d like 2019 to be a year of putting a few decisive stakes in the ground. This will be a year for picking a few key strengths and focussing hard to take these to the next level while keeping free of distractions. It’s a year for getting back to basics, stripping things to their essentials and running lean. If it goes well, I will move onward with confidence in important ways and the amount of ground I cover should be noticeable both to myself and others.

So, three things. ..

How did I do in 2018?

How did I do in 2018?

This time last year I made a list of things that must, should or might happen in 2018, and I hoped that everything on that list would align towards cultivating four personal qualities that I wanted to focus on after separating from my partner, as these felt like ‘the real me’ I wanted to reconnect with. Through my actions, I wanted to be someone who is independent, curious, healthy and delighted. By focusing on these things, I also hoped I would be someone others found delightful in turn.

So how did I do?

Goals for 2018

Ok, I’m changing up the format this time. This year I’ve identified four personal characteristics I most want to focus on – everything I do this year should align with one or more (or even all) of these. The four personal characteristics are:

  • Independent
  • Curious
  • Healthy
  • Delighted

Separately, I’ve come up with a list of specific things I’d like to do, get involved in or work on this year. I’ve prioritised these into three groups – ‘Must Happen’, ‘Will Probably Happen’ and ‘Might Happen’.

Below I’ve written a few lines about each of my targeted personal characteristics and included the prioritised list of specific goals.

How did I do on my 2017 goals?

How did I do on my 2017 goals?

I set myself some broad areas of focus for 2017 as part of my usual end of year reflection rituals last year:

  • Professional Career
  • Zen
  • Business
  • Body
  • Creativity and Play (I later changed this one to Voice)

Reflecting back, 2016 was a good year and when I set my goals for this year I intended to ‘continue in roughly the same vein, with some small but significant shifts in emphasis’. Let’s see how things unfolded and how I did.