hope and politics

Hope and Politics

I haven't written much in a while. There are numerous reasons for that, but mostly what it comes down to is that I only write when I feel I have something to say.

After my business fell over and my youthful naive optimism fell over with it, I went on a quest for knowledge for several years, during which I developed a vocabulary of concepts, a sense of history and contingency, and began setting about provisioning what my mentor would call a well-stocked memory.

Anger fuelled me through those times, and anger is a powerful force indeed. I did my best writing when I was angry and had a point to make, usually about stripping away bullshit and artifice to reveal some important truth or other.

But anger is tiring, and angry people are tiresome. What will you do once you've torn it all down? Do you have anything to put back in its place? Or does your job end there? Making is much harder than breaking, and in the end I always side with the makers. I just wish what we made was better.